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Certify Your Yard

  • Wilton Manors has been recognized Nationally as a Community Wildlife Habitat.  In our Island City, we have a habitat every 1/4 mile .  This means birds, butterflies and other wildlife can find food and water and shelter without having to travel a great distance.  If you think your yard will qualify,go to http://nwf.org and fill in the form to certify your property.  There is a $20.00 donation to NWF for this process.  NWF uses those funds to continue to provide free educational materials to Wilton Manors and other communities.

    When you certify with your application fee of $20, you'll receive all these great benefits:

  • A personalized certificate that recognizes your NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat™.
  • A free NWF membership which includes a full year's subscription to the award-winning National Wildlife® magazine and 10% off all NWF catalog purchases.
  • A free subscription to the quarterly e-newsletter, Habitats, full of insightful tips and information on gardening and attracting wildlife year after year.
  • Your name listed in NWF's National registry of certified habitats...to recognize all you've done for wildlife.

    You can also certify through Florida Yards and Neighborhoods. Florida Yards & Neighborhoods, a University of Florida Extension program, partners with national, state and local agencies to teach Florida friendly landscaping.  There is no charge to certify - it just requires that a Master gardener come to your property to access your points.  Yards are evaluated based on a checklist of Florida-friendly landscaping practices.

    To be certified as a “Florida Yard,” an FY&N team will inspect each landscape at no cost and award points, using a checklist, based on the practices that are currently being implemented. Your yard measures up, if your property receives a minimum of 36 inches (points) out of a possible 96 inches. Properties that pass the inspection receive a sign to post that reads “Certified Florida Yard”. As a follow up, the FY&N county leader will provide each property manager, condominium or home owner association with a list of recommendations on how they can bring areas that score low up to standard.

    For help in making your yard more Florida-friendly, contact your county’s Extension office: or select from their online materials
    Dr. John Pipoly
    Urban Horticulture Extension Agent
    Broward County, 954-370-3725
    Broward County Extension Education Division
    3245 College Avenue
    Davie, Florida, USA 33314
    (954) 370-3725
    Fax: (954) 370-3737
    e-mail: mastergardener@broward.org

    If you think your yard is ready for an evaluation, you can assess it yourself with the FYN checklist and then ask your county’s FYN program to schedule a yard visit.

    Wilton Manors NatureScape Program also offers free programs each month that will help you select proper plants, provide the right care to reduce water use and provide a habitat.  Programs are held at the Library where there is a wealth of free information.  See the NatureScape Class Schedule.
Don't have a yard - but want to be registered as a Good Neighbor?
Here is information on the latest program offered by the NWF